Swahili Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Chacha Strong; A strong man Boy Christianity
Mosi Born first; The first born child Unisex Judaism
Niagh An aim or a purpose; Virtuous; Divine; Sinless Girl Judaism
Hadiya Guidance of good value, high calibre, high quality; Guide to righteousness; A gift from god; Gift (swahili); A righteous woman Girl Hindu
Salim Peaceful; One who is peaceful; Secure safe mild free; Peace; Happy; Peaceful (swahili) Boy -
Chandu Moon; An octopus Boy Hindu
Afya Swahili female name (also spelled afiya) and kiswahili word meaning "health."afya bora means "good health."; Afya means health one who will be free from all illness and impurities, strong will power and also strong physically and emotionally Girl -
Amineh A variant spelling of name amina; Faithful; Faithful: trustworthy; Arabic - truthful; Honest woman; Variant of amina: trustworthy reliable faithful secure protected; Trustworthy (swahili); Trustworthy Girl Islam
Nyimbo An arabic word one who gives respect and honour others Girl Judaism
Sanaa "work of art; Luminosity refelcted by something, shine above the others; Beauty."; Radiance Girl -
Nuru Swahili unisexual name meaning "light" or "born during the day."; Light Unisex Islam
Zuwena Swahili name meaning "good."; Good Girl Islam
Lakicia She who is a favorite among people Girl -
Haji Pilgrimage, one who has performed the hajj; Swahili name meaning "born during the hajj." Boy Christianity
Jahi Dignified; African swahili - dignity Boy -
Nassor A victor, a winner; Swahili variation of arab name nasser; Meaning "victorious." Boy -
Fadiya One who redeems; African swahili - redeemer Girl -
Aishatou Alive, she who lives, life in swahili Girl -
Sadaka Swahili name and kiswahili word meaning "a religious offering."; Swahili name meaning "a spiritual offering" Girl -
Shani Swahili name meaning "marvelous."; A wonderful woman Girl -
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