Swati Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ruta A woman friends; Friend Girl -
Romulus One of the founders of rome; Founder of rome Boy -
Rosana A woman graceful as a rose; Graceful rose Girl -
Maanasi Intellectual or spiritual endeavour; A lady; Another name for saraswati; With a sound mind; A sound minded woman Girl Judaism
Rodnee One who lives on the island near a clearing; From the island near the clearing Boy -
Romin An english surname with russian origin; Arrow fish Boy -
Rexley One who comes from the meadow of the king; From the king's meadow Boy -
Shulka Goddess saraswati; A name of goddess saraswati Girl Hindu
Reign Dominance or widespread influence; To rule other people Unisex -
Roshaun Shining light; A glowing and shining light Boy -
Rozmin Rose flower; A girl who is like the flower rose Girl -
Ruzaynah Name of the freed slave-girl; A name given to a girl that is free from slavery Girl -
Remus Founder of rome; One of the two founders of rome Boy -
Rebecca One who makes traps; Captivating Girl -
Royan Those whose hair is red; Red-haired: red Boy -
Rumit Spirit lover; Bright and brilliant; Cheerful; One who shines and is radiant always Boy Hindu
Rehanah One who is like the sweet flower of paradise; A flower Girl -
Ruwayd Walking gently; One who is like a soft breeze, a leader Girl -
Mahasweta Goddess saraswati; Name of goddess saraswati Girl Judaism
Robee One who glows like a burning flame; Bright fame Girl -
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