Swati Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Romina One who comes from the land of the christianitys; From the christian land Girl -
Rosey She who is much like a rose; Colour; Flower Girl -
Rusheek Son of saint; A sain't son, also an earth's lord Boy -
Rosabella Variant of rose: rose; Beautiful as a rose Girl -
Rufin A boy of reddish, ginger hair; Red head Boy -
Rockne A rock; Anglicized from the norwegian farm name rokne, which means strong rock Boy -
Rochan Lovely; Shining; Red lotus; Giving pleasure or satisfaction; Charming; Bright; Pleasant; Name of son of lord vishnu and daksina Boy Hindu
Roane Red-haired: red; A red boy with ginger hair Boy -
Reham A girl pretty as the dew on the flower in the mornign; Mercy Girl -
Robertia A girl who will be famous and shinning; Famous Girl -
Rendor Peacemaker; Police officer; Peacekeeper Boy -
Rohine Sparkling fame; One who is sparkling with fame Girl -
Rossa Beautiful flower; A variant of rose Girl Christianity
Ronen A song that brings joy; To be glad / to sing Boy -
Ronal He who rules by the counsel; Rules with counsel form of ronald from reynold Boy -
Redmund Red haired defender; A protector of red hair Boy -
Rutujit Joy and happiness; Triumph of seasons; Conquerer of seasons Boy Hindu
Bilvani Goddess saraswati Girl Hindu
Rostam A hero fighter from a persian legend; Unknown Boy -
Ruchira Beautiful; A brifht woman who has great taste Girl -
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