Swiss Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Vreneli Bearer of victory Girl Christianity
Benziger Someone from benzingen Boy Christianity
Waltraud Rule strength Girl Christianity
Sepp Short form of joseph; Nickname for joseph Boy -
Sylviane Wood or forest Girl Christianity
Gittan The exalted one Girl Christianity
Willermus Determined guardian Boy Christianity
Sylvette Sylvette is a version of sylvia, meaning wood or tree Girl Christianity
Fricker Derived from middle english word frik(i)en, which means to move briskly or nimbly Boy Christianity
Fessler Occupational name for a cooper Boy Christianity
Gösta The meditation staff Boy Christianity
Ingram Ing's raven; Ings raven Girl Christianity
Verene A variant of verena, meaning defender; Protector Girl Christianity
Orell Ore hill both a surname and a place name; Swiss accent of aurelius (golden, glided) Boy Judaism
Heinz Meaning unknown; Household ruler Boy Christianity
Frutiger A habitational name from a place called fruttigen Boy Christianity
Marti A soldier of mars; Warrior of mars Boy Judaism
Fisnik Noble Boy Christianity
Nisse Victory of the people; Friendly elf Boy Christianity
Udo One with great fortune; Ginseng plant Boy Christianity
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