Swiss Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Billeter Habitational name meaning someone from bilten Boy Christianity
Aebi Pet form of the personal name adalbert, meaning noble Boy Christianity
Bertschy A variant of germanic name bertwald, meaning bright and famous Boy Christianity
Elov Sole heir; Ever-heir or successor; Variant of elof: only descendent Boy Christianity
Blerina Fresh greenness Girl Christianity
Bastein Short form of sebastein, meaning one who is revered Boy Christianity
Annagret The glorious one who is bright and nightless Girl -
Babetta Foreign woman Girl Christianity
Verene A variant of verena, meaning defender; Protector Girl Christianity
Fassnacht Dervied from the word fastnacht, meaning 'shrovetide carnival' Boy Christianity
Martina Feminine of martin warring; Warring, warlike woman Girl Judaism
Willermus Determined guardian Boy Christianity
Eiger Very strong; Sharp like a javelin Boy Christianity
Ursel Little bear Girl Christianity
Eberly A pet form of eberhardt, meaning brave or hardy Boy Christianity
Yves Archer Girl Christianity
Nisse Victory of the people; Friendly elf Boy Christianity
Inge The foremost one; Feminine diminutive of lngeborg: ings protection Girl Christianity
Dettwiler Variant spelling of detweiler, a habitational name from detweiler, a village in z├╝rich Boy Christianity
Ebersold Swiss variant of ebersol, meaning wild boar or wallow Boy Christianity
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