Tamil Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Adhya One of the ten durgas; Sunday; First power Boy Hindu
Sandeepen A sage; Brighten life; Lighting Boy -
Divyanga Divine body; Spiritual; Pious; Religious Boy -
Natesh Lord shiva; King; The ruler or shiva the lord Boy Judaism
Amoolya Precious; Priceless; One who is dearmost; Valuable Boy Hindu
Avik Might; Powerful; Brave; One with strength of a diamond Boy -
Kavachin Another name for shiva; Armoured; The name means he who has an armor; Having an armor Boy Christianity
Soumya Good nature; A decent and beutiful woman; Innocent; Meek; Handsome; Obedient; Auspicious; Gentle Girl Hindu
Rachika Composed; A mirage or a ray Girl -
Sagardutt He who is a gift of the ocean; Gift of ocean Boy -
Jagat prakash The light of this world; Light of the world Boy Hindu
Sanav The star around which the earth orbits; The sun Boy -
Ekadrishta Single-tusked lord; One of the many names of lord ganesh Boy -
Dwarakanath Lord of dwarka; Lord or the master of dwarka Boy Hindu
Hamsini One who rides a swan/ saraswathi; Who rides a swan; One who rides a swan; One of many names of goddess saraswathi who is the hindu goddess of knowledge Girl -
Anjal A variant of name angel; Hollow formed by joining two hands; Greek - heavenly messenger Boy Christianity,Greek
Daivik Sacred; Holy; Godly; Divine; Religious Boy -
Bhoopati King of the earth; Lord of earth; Ruler of the earth; Supreme power of the earth Boy -
Shri Respected; Lustre; Wealthy Girl -
Gunaj Born of virtue; Of the light; An excellent, righteous and honourable person; Virtuous maiden Boy -
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