Tamil Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Pakshi Bird; A sweet singing bird Girl Judaism
Liladhar Name of lord vishnu; Lord vishnu Boy Judaism
Sangam Union; Union or to merge Girl -
Paarthiban A name of king arjunan; Another name of king arjunan; Brave and powerful Boy Judaism
Atun An educator; Educator teacheress Boy -
Pakeran One who is like moon and star; The moon and the star Boy Judaism
Kittu Small young boy; A cute boy; A pet name in tamil Boy Hindu
Kanai Lord krishna; A pet name of lord krishna signifying his beauty; Contentment; One of many childhood names of lord krishna Boy Hindu
Santi Saint; Peace; One who is holy; Tranquillity Boy -
Maheepati Lord of the earth; The king; A variant spelling is mahipati Boy Hindu
Ridit One of the vedas; World; World known; Worldly known Boy Hindu
Chemmoli Precious words; Flawless, expensive gem; Flawless; Pron chemmozhi Girl Hindu
Samatha Peace; Equality; The god has heard you; Listener of god Girl -
Rutvij She who is wise as a guru; Tall; Straight Boy -
Ranamita War friend; A friend in need Girl Hindu
Lavit Onr of many names of lord shiva; Lord shiva; Lovely; Small Boy Hindu
Dabeet Brave and courageous; Warrior Boy -
Chivesh One who is considered a god's gift; Gods gift; Good gift Boy -
Shrivatsav Lord vishnu; A man who is a disciple of god Boy -
Langith No meaning as this is a modern name; A variant of name langit meaning sky, heaven, paradise, firmament Boy -
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