Telugu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Mriganka Sekhar Lord shiva; One with moon on his head; One of many names of lord shiva Boy Hindu
Phoolan Blooming; Beautiful; Flower; Soft and tender like a flower; Flowering Girl Hindu
Lakhan Successful, achiever, distinguished; Lord ramas brother Boy Judaism
Shakti A divine woman; Durga; Having power; Powerful.; Power; Divine woman; Goddess durga; Goddess parvati Boy -
Shivendu Moon; Pure moon Boy -
Rushabh Decoration; One who is like a decoration Boy -
Juhi Juhi name means flower; Scented flower; A flower Girl Christianity
Jyotish Brilliant, radiant and bright light; Knowledge of light; Moon Boy Hindu
Abhimani Another name for agni who is the eldest son of lord brahma; Full of pride; Another name for agni as the eldest son of brahma Girl Hindu
Arshya Heavenly; Righteous; Of sacred descent Boy -
Monalisa Mona lisa is a famous portrait painted by leonardo da vinci; Mona lisa is a famous portrait painted by leonardo da vinci.; Noble; Art Girl -
Divyant Smart; Appealing; Handsome; Attractive Boy -
Bhalchandra Moon-crested lord; One of many names of lord shiva; One who is adorned with crescent moon on his head; Moon crested lord Boy -
Bhoomik Earth; Land lord; Role played or part of the world Boy -
Chellapan Pet; Precious pampered one; Dear and near; Precious; Beloved Boy -
Nikhit High-pitched, piercing, harsh, severe; Earth; Sharp; Ganges Girl Judaism
Akhilash Lord of all; One of many names of lord shiva; King of all (lord shiva) Boy Hindu
Anukta Unsaid; They are unexpressive; Unexpressed Girl -
Jayveer Victorious; Victorious warrior; Triumphant and mighty winner Boy Hindu
Likhitha Article; Writing; An author; Studious; Writer; One who is well versed in writing Boy Hindu
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