Telugu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Chandrahaas Smile similar to the moon; Smiling like a moon Boy Hindu
Mahagauri Another name of the goddess durga; Goddess durga Girl Judaism
Purush The omnipotent personality; A being full of spirit Boy -
Sugandha Fragrany, yellow juhi; Fragrany; Yellow juhi; Fragrant Girl Hindu
Mrinal Growing to shine among worldly matters; Lotus blossom; Beautiful and appealing; Lotus Boy Hindu
Dhanvi A woman who is rich and wealthy one of the names of goddess lakshmi; Money Girl Hindu
Pushp A flower-like man; Flower Boy -
Neethi The one has decency and good moralities; Truth Girl Judaism
Jiya ram Lord ramas heart; Sweatheart, this is the name of blessings and fortunate they are the loved ones of the whole family Girl Christianity
Nidhaan Money, paragon, money, ideal; Treasure Boy Judaism
Ajai Means the unconquerable; Victory/conqueror; A variant of name ajaaya; Invincible Boy Hindu
Sarana Injuring Boy -
Yathartha Truth; High Girl Hindu
Monal A bird, a free spirit; Bird Girl Judaism
Elika Pelican of god; One of many names of lord shiva Boy -
Kunti Mother of pandavas; Pandavas mother; In hinduism; Lover of the sun god.; The name kunti means she is a lover of the sun god; The mother of the pandavas Girl Judaism
Geethik Sweet voice; One who is having very pleasing and wonderful voice talent Boy Hindu
Kapi Sun; Kapi means monkey, sun; Monkey Boy Christianity
Ridit One of the vedas; World; World known; Worldly known Boy Hindu
Aarya The other name of goddess parvati, durga; Goddess parvati; Durga Girl Hindu
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