Tula Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ruhamah Having obtained mercy; A beloved person who received mercy Girl -
Tierney Regal; Descendant of tighearnach Girl -
Rafee Variant of rafi: high exalted; One who is noble, sublime; Kind friend Boy -
Ritish He who is a lord of the truth; Lord of truth / love; King of the world Boy -
Rukhmini A name of the goddess laxmi; Goddess laxmi Girl -
Tapesh The holy trinity Boy Hindu
Robynn She is an illuminated, glowing, well-known woman; Shining; Famed; Bright; Variant of robert Girl -
Rishmitha Saintly; A variant form of name rishi; Divine worshippers Girl Hindu
Red One of red skin or red hair; Or dim. of redmond; Redheaded one Unisex -
Tiane Abbreviation of tatiana; She who brings light Girl Christianity
Tasneen A heavenly fountain; Heavenly fountain Boy Islam
Riply Shouting mans meadow; One who lives on the cleared strip of the land Boy -
Raktakaml The red lotus Boy -
Ratin A treasured person; Jewel; Love, happiness Boy Hindu
Trishika Thirst; One who is with pitchfork; Goddess laxmi Girl Hindu
Riwas A variant spelling is riwaz; Tradition; Culture Boy Islam
Tarita Name of goddess durga; Goddess durga Girl Hindu
Rathore Brave; A man known for his bravery Boy -
Ruzena A variation of latin name rose; Rose Girl -
Ransley Ravens meadow; A raven's meadow Boy -
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