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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Kaydence Musical; The name means rhytm, the musical one Girl Christianity
Jazlynn Modern variant of jasmine: combination of jocelyn and the musical term jazz; Fragrant flower Girl Christianity
Birdine Contemporary name meaning little bird; Little bird Girl Christianity
Stormi A form refering to a storm Girl Christianity
Dow Black haired; A dark haired individual; Has a happy heart Boy Christianity
Gabi From the name gabriela; Derives from gabriela Girl Christianity
Linzi Short form of lindsay; From an old surname Girl Judaism
Jam A sweet condiment; A sweet condiment Unisex Islam
Reness To be reborn as a butterfly Girl -
Abcde Means first five amazing letters of alphabet Girl Christianity
Sonoma A place name. one who is from the place sonoma in california Girl Christianity
Shaly A female who is like an antelope; Friend Girl -
Mohawk American tribe name; The one who has unpleasant or nasty taste in his life Unisex Judaism
Felicity A woman with good luck and fortune; Great happiness Girl Christianity
Jaydon One who is thankful to god, god has heard, form; Jehovah has heard a biblical name Unisex Christianity
Reyn One who rules, governs Unisex -
Allston Noble one's settlement; Noble ones settlement Boy -
Balanchine Russian born united states dancer and choreographer noted for work in ballet Boy -
Alivia Alternate spelling: olivia peace and symbolizing the tree of life; Alivia is olive tree Girl -
Braylen From a broad or wide hillside; A broad valley Boy Christianity
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