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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Bickford From the hewer's ford; Axe-man's ford Boy Christianity
Rishelle One who likes to feel rested Girl -
Tinecia God is with us Girl Christianity
Kadience Variant of cadence; The name kadience means rhythm Girl Judaism
Blaze Lisp: stutter blaise pascal was a brilliant seventeenth century child prodigy: mathematician: scientist and philosopher who invented the calculating machine and hydraulic press before dying at age thirty-nine; A flame Girl Christianity
Birdie Unusual nature; Little bird; Bright; Contemporary name meaning little bird: birdlike Girl Christianity
Jolynn People with this name are natural and doesnot have tolerance they are organized and joyful they are funloving and spread laughter where ever they go Girl Christianity
Beamer Trumpet player; Trumpeter Boy Christianity
Julita Youthful; People with this name are very impressive they love nature and adopt gardening as a hobby they are blessed with many advantages by god Girl Christianity
Felicity A woman with good luck and fortune; Great happiness Girl Christianity
Elle One who has aged gracefully like a beautiful fairy; Abbreviation of eleanor and ellen. beautiful fairy Girl Christianity
Jenji The short name for jennifer Girl Christianity
Swoosie A woman who is half swan, half goose Girl Christianity
Tashina A woman wearing a blanket Girl Christianity
Pamala A honey coated; Filled with sweetness Girl Judaism
Magar An american name meaning attendant; Meaning unknown Boy Judaism
Barbi Traveler from a foreign land in catholic custom st barbara is a protectress against fire and lightning; In catholic custom st barbara is a protectors against fire and lightning; Strange; Traveler from a foreign land; Foreign Girl Christianity
Jaiden God has heard him; Variant of jayden (god has heard) Boy Christianity
Linaeve Singing tree; Tree of song Girl Judaism
Barnet From the land that was burned; Of honorable birth Boy Christianity
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