Urdu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Maqboola A person who is aknoledged and accepted; Accepted; Admitted; Granted Girl -
Abdul hamid Slave of the praiseworthy; Stands for praiser of god who assists admirable Boy Islam
Abdul rahmaan In islam, it means servant of the most gracious Boy Islam
Abdulsattar Servant of the protector; Serves the most veiled and protector one Boy Islam
Nyneve The lady of the lake; An urdu word to the girl, lady who narrates holy saying of the prophet muhammad Girl Judaism
Abdulmubdee A person who works hard for the inventor or creator; Slave of the originator Boy Islam
Abdulmunim Servant of the benefactor; slave of the generous; One who serves to all the benefactors and supporters Boy Islam
Abdulnur Slave to the light and glorious one; Slave of the light Boy Islam
Basmah A smile Girl Islam
Abdulaliyy The man who serves the most high and dignified; Servant of the most high Boy Islam
Nazafarin The beautiful delicacy of a girl; Producing delight Girl -
Nazmil Like a beautiful poem Girl -
Abdulsami One who helps all hearing one with grace Boy Islam
Shahra One who is gift Girl -
Abduh An epithet of muhammad; Originated from islamic and it is an appellation of muhammad Boy Islam
Engy A beautiful queen Girl Islam
Nahiya Adviser; An advisor, one who gives advise; One who advises Boy -
Abdulkawi Active and quick mind ability to investigate different ideas Boy Islam
Abdulhadi Slave to the guide; Stands for servant of the guide; Derivation of al-hadi which means the guide Boy Islam
Abdul haq A servant of the truth; Being one of god's one name; Servant of the truth (allah) Boy Islam
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