Urdu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Abdul baith Slave of the one who raises death; Servant of resurrector that means to bring back to life Boy Islam
Reiaf A male name of urdu origin Boy -
Nabawiya The person who is farsighted the events through spiritual mediation; Prophetic Girl -
Shanza Women of dignity; A woman who is diginied Girl -
Abdulawwal This islam name means slave to the first one; Slave to the first Boy Islam
Aayah Generally it means evidence or signs in the islam's principal scripture, this name is used to mean verse Girl Islam
Abdul majid This islam name built from abd that means slave of all glorious; Servant of the noble Boy Islam
Abdulmuhaymin Serves the protectors, guardians, supervisors and attentive; Guardian; Slave to the protector Boy Islam
Rufayah Hadith's early student; An early student of hadith Girl -
Abdussalam Form of as-salam that means glorified and allah. name stands for servant of the safety Boy Islam
Khuwailah The name means young and little gazelle; A little or young female gazelle Girl -
Abdul kareem Servant of the most generous; A follower who serves gracious, noble and generous Boy Islam
Abdulwaliy Alternative of abdul-waleei; Means one who serves the protecting person; Servant of the protecting Boy Islam
Abdul ghafoor People with highly immaginative personality means servant of forgiver; Servant of the forgiver Boy Islam
Nazahah The just or fair person; One who is pure and honest; Purity righteousness honesty Girl -
Nazaneen A girl full or delicacy Girl -
Abdulmuntaqim Slave of him who punishes wrong doings; Servant of the one who penalizes those doing wrong things Boy Islam
Abdul barr A person that helps the most kind and good people on the earth; Servant of the source of goodness Boy Islam
Abdulmannan Serves the most compassionate, kind and generous one; Slave of the benefactor Boy Islam
Shujana Brave; Strong; A strong woman who has no fear; Virtuous person Girl -
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