Uttara Phalguni Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Toyesh Lord of water Boy Hindu
Paxtun A person who is from peaceful town; From the peaceful farm Unisex Judaism
Padmakant Husband of lotus (sun) Boy Hindu
Padam Lotus; The beautiful flower marked on the right foot of lord krishna Boy Hindu
Parshan Combatant; Question; It means a combatant; Quick minded and versatile Boy -
Pargat Look; One who blossoms forth into fame; Form; Appearance Boy Hindu
Parameswari The goddess durda; A name given to goddess durga Girl Judaism
Pamela Sweet; All sweetness; A woman who is as sweet as honey; Made from honey; By sir philip sidney possibly from the greek words pan - all and meli - honey; Honey; All sweetness. name invented in the 16th century for a heroine of the book arcadia; Honeyed Girl Christianity,Greek
Patmanjari An indian raga name; A raga Girl Hindu
Parasurama Name of lord rama with an axe; Rama of the axe Boy Judaism
Palwinderpal Protector of lord's moments; Protector of lords moments; One who guards the moments spent with god Boy Hindu
Paramjugat Union with god; Becoming one with god; Attaining ultimate mukti Boy Hindu
Paramsukh Supreme joy and bliss; One who is in the state of supreme joy and bliss; Happiness Boy Judaism
Padmasekar One of many names of lord vishnu signifying his form with lotus in navel; One with lotus in his navel Boy Hindu
Pinakpani The bow that belongs to the lord shiva; The bow of lord shiva Boy Judaism
Piu Love; A form of pius, meaning pious or dutiful; Beloved Boy Christianity
Parbani Gratuity; Name of a goddess who has greatest aura Girl Judaism
Panchavaktra Lord hanuman; Name given to lord hanuman who has five faced; Five faced Boy Judaism
Piper Piper; A pipe player Girl Judaism
Palki Palanquin; One who has merit and is a hard worker Girl Judaism
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