Uttara Phalguni Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Parihan A beautiful fairy; A fairy Girl -
Pariman A wonderful quality and plenty; Plenty; Quality Boy Judaism
Pawel One who is humble and small; Interesting; Small Boy Judaism
Pallab One who grows; Fresh and young leaves; New leaves; A variant is pallav Boy Hindu
Pankti Sentence Girl Hindu
Palmer Bearing a palm branch; A palm tree belonging to the holy tree Boy Judaism
Tofu The bean curd; Food Boy Christianity
Paulette The one with idealistic nature; Helping nature; Small Boy Judaism
Payodhi Sea; A name given to the sea and ocean Girl Judaism
Parminderpal Preserver of supreme god; Fosterer of highest god; Companion of the absolute Boy Hindu
Padyanava Diligent person; A name for vishnu; Vishnu Boy Judaism
Padgett One who attends a noble person's house; Attendant Boy Judaism
Parkes One who is employed in park; Park keeper Girl Judaism
Parkinson The son of parkin; Son of parkin Boy Judaism
Tocho A lion from the mountains; Mountain lion (hopi) Boy Christianity
Pawanjeev Life; Air; Living air; Wind; Life in air; Derived from sanskrit word pavan meaning purifier Boy Hindu
Pala Water; Like a guardian; Near upland meadow; Small Unisex Judaism
Parisch Lives near the church; A creative and practical person Boy Judaism
Panner Life of happy; One who leads a happy and fulfilled life Boy Judaism
Pikesh Love; A strong, ambitious and creative person Boy Judaism
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