Uttara Ashada Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Janakiram God's name, name of janki's husband; God name Boy Sikh
Janice A variant form of janus; Gift from god; A derivative from the roman god janus, the god of beginnings and transitions Girl -
Jaimie I love; A man sho is a stand-in Boy Christianity
Jahir One who has dignity; A person who always help; Helper; African swahili - dignity; Protector Boy -
Jaina Jehovah has been gracious: has shown favor variant of joan; Sanskrit - worshipper of the jinas; Good character; Lord ganesha as one beyond comprehension, epitomises the jain religion Boy Hindu
Jataadhar One of many names of lord shiva signifying his form with uncombed hair; Bearer of twisted hair; Hero of fame Boy Hindu
Jagesh Lord of the world; Lord shiva; Ruler of the universe; Supreme being of the universe Boy -
Jakys Happy; A supplanter Boy Judaism
Janine One who is a gift from god; Gift from god Girl Judaism
Janardhana One who helps people; Lord krishna Boy Christianity
Jaicee To find salvation in god; Based on the initials jc or an abbreviation of jacinda Boy Christianity
Jaasritha Name of goddess lakshmi; A name of the goddess lakshimi Girl Christianity
Jaitang One who has mastered his senses; The master of senses Boy Christianity
Jalan Water; Cloud bearing water; Cloud; Burn Boy Hindu
Jarid The descending one; He descends Boy Christianity
Janne Gift from god; From old roman mythology, wife of janus Girl Christianity
Jaeda Goodness; She is pure goodness Girl Christianity
Jillene Jove's child variant of gillian from the masculine julian; Young person in simple words powerful and full of life person Girl Christianity
Jiao Lovely; Tender; Beautiful; Charming; Jiao means a loveable beautiful person who loves to teach; Handsome Girl Judaism
Jamia Pet form of james used as a womans name; One who collects Girl -
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