Uttara Ashada Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Jazmin Flower; Tall plant that has beautiful flowers which give sweet fragrance Girl -
Jacen Alternate spelling: jason; He is a healer Boy Judaism
Jazzdeepsingh A variant spelling of jasdeep singh; Deep rocking; The light radiating god's glory Boy Hindu
Jashn Rejoice; Merriment; Gleeful; Celebration Boy Hindu
Jaigata Triumphing; The one who triumphs Boy Christianity
Jasleen Engrossed in singing god's charm; Absorbed in singing god's praises; Absorbed in singing gods praises; Immersed in adoring god Boy Hindu
Jayvi A god who is independent and practical; Dianne; God Boy Christianity
Jivanta Jivanta is an indian female name and means the one who gives life it is of indian origin and represented in hindu religion; Gives life Girl Christianity
Jaywin Victory; Refers to success or feat or achievement Boy Christianity
Jamsheed Sun's rays; A persian; Variant of jamshid: sun's rays lights Boy -
Jiwanpreet One who loves to live and exist; Love of life; Affectionate towards life Boy Hindu
Jafet Abundant; May he expand; Opened; Hebrew - enlargement; A variant transcription of japheth; Spacious Boy -
Jiwani Related to alive person; They are conversational, superficial and teach others to live life with hope and leave negtavity Boy Christianity
Jacinto Hyacinth; A boy who grows hycintho flowers Boy Christianity
Jatindra King of saints; Lord of the conquest Boy Hindu
Jashar Na; Love with god Girl Hindu
Jair My light; Who diffuses light; He who shines Boy Christianity
Jalor To exult with triumph; Glory; Rejoice proudly Boy Hindu
Jayne Gift from god; Jehovah has been gracious: has shown favor variant of joan; A form of jane; Victorious; Victory Girl Christianity
Jaymes A form of james; Variant of jacob supplanter Boy Christianity
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