Vishaka Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Tuhfah Gift; Present; Natural abilities or qualities Girl Islam
Tertius The third; Third child in the family Boy Christianity
Tuvidyumna Lord indra Boy Hindu
Tepiltzin The privileged son; Priveleged son Boy Christianity
Tedra Supreme gift; A supreme gift Girl Christianity
Tehzeeb An educated woma; Elegance Girl Islam
Terrene Variation of trencia, a clan name; Smooth Girl Christianity
Teknam One who takes support of the lords name; One who takes support of the lord's name Boy Hindu
Tegh He who wields the sword; The wielder of the sword Boy Sikh
Tennyson Son of dennis; A form of dennison Boy Christianity
Teofila Divinely loved; God's friend Girl Christianity
Tulasi The sacred basil; A sacred plant (basil); A sacred plant, basil Girl Hindu
Terika Abbreviation of teresa which is a popular saint's name of uncertain meaning; Abbreviation of teresa, meaning to harvest; Abbreviation of teresa; Meaning harvester Girl Christianity
Terra Earth; From the earth. an earth goddess in mythology Unisex Christianity
Turanya Moving very fast; Swift Girl Hindu
Turviti Superior; Superior and overpowering; Overpowering Boy Hindu
Tusharkanti Lord shiva Boy Hindu
Terrelle Powerful; One who is powerful Boy Christianity
Tuhi Bird sound; A noise or sound which a bird can make Girl Hindu,Islam
Tea Gift of god; Princess; Aunt Girl Christianity
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