Vishaka Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Tuhfah Gift; Present; Natural abilities or qualities Girl Islam
Tera Crag; Hill; Crag, hill Girl Christianity
Temür Self control; Iron Boy Christianity
Tejasvi Brilliant; An energetic, brilliant woman; Energetic; Gifted Girl Hindu
Teriana Variation of teresa, means to harvest; Abbreviation of teresa; Meaning harvester Girl Christianity
Tuhfa Gift; Present; Refers to the act of giving Girl Islam
Tushnimsara Fine drops of water Girl Hindu
Tuhina Now flake; Dew drop; Snow Girl Hindu
Tejesh Sharpness; God of brightness, sun; Full of power Boy Hindu
Tethys Myth name (wife of oceanus); Old greek name, name of the wife of oceanus, means grandmother Girl Christianity
Teofila Divinely loved; God's friend Girl Christianity
Temima She who is flawless; Without flaw Girl Judaism
Teague Bard; A handsome poet Boy Christianity
Tevaughn Unclear; He who resembles a tiger Boy Christianity
Tejano A resident of texas; Texan male Boy Christianity
Teja Radiant; Bright and radiant Girl Hindu
Tessy One who guards the harvest; Harvester; Fourth child; Theresa Girl Christianity
Teijinderjeet One who wins god of grandeur; One who wins god of greatness Girl Sikh
Terrence From an ancient roman clan; Roman clan name Unisex Christianity
Tesia Loved by god; One who is loved by god Girl Christianity
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