Vrish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Vaishali An ancient city of india; Historical city it's also the birthplace of bhagwan mahavir; Name of an ancient city; Historical city Girl Jainism
Wasim A variant spelling is waseem; Good looking; Honest; Handsome; Graceful. handsome. good looking. Boy Islam
Bhavnik Flower Boy Christianity
Bhajneek Immersed in love of god; One who is engrossed in god's love; Absorbed in the love of god Boy -
Vinodini Happy girl; A happy and cheerful girl Girl Hindu
Bhimsen Sons of brave man Boy -
Vibha Another name of goddess lakshmi it means light or radiance; Night; Light Girl Jainism
Bhudhar Lord vishnu; One of the many names of lord vishnu Boy -
Wiloughby A willow farm worker; Willow farm Boy Christianity
Bhoopen Lord of earth; King of the earth; Ruler of the earth; Supreme power of the earth Boy -
Bhuwan Human; World or universe; Palace; One of the three worlds; Home Boy -
Vishva World; Universe; Earth; Earth, universe Boy Hindu
Bhavanbir Pleasing brave; Source of strength Boy -
Uwe Universal ruler; Point, edge Boy Christianity
Vaalaky One of the kauravas; Name of one of the kauravas Boy Hindu
Vrushti Forest; Rain Girl Jainism
Bhuvapati Lord of the atmosphere Boy Hindu
Virangana Rani laxmibai; Brave lady; She who is brave Girl Hindu
Udaysah Udaysah was the name of the narrator of hadith and also ahban al-ghifariyah's daughter; A narrator of hadith Girl Islam
Vyombha Heaven like Boy Hindu
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