Vrish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Vamil Beautiful; Beautiful, a beautiful woman Girl Hindu
Bhagra Panjabi dance form; Punjabi dance form which represents happiness and prosperity Boy -
Vadhana Face; Bright star Girl Hindu
Bhavisana Divine Girl Hindu
Bhadranidhi Appealing; Good looking; Goodness; Beautiful body; Treasure of goodness Boy -
Bhavya Bhavya is large and elegant; Splendid; Manificent; Grand Boy Hindu
Uschi Young bear; A female bear Girl Christianity
Bhaskara Provides light; Sun; Bright, radiant and luminous light of the sun Boy -
Bhadraksha Whose eyes reflect auspiciousness; Appealing; Good looking; One whose eyes reflect auspiciousness Boy -
Vaathavega One of the kauravas; Name of one of the kauravas Boy Hindu
Winda Hunter; Chasing for food Girl Christianity
Bhoopen Lord of earth; King of the earth; Ruler of the earth; Supreme power of the earth Boy -
Vanesa Croatian form of vanessa it means butterfly; Butterfly variant of vanessa Girl Christianity,Greek
Wolfe Wolf; A deadly beast Boy -
Valera Valiant; Brave and valiant Boy Christianity
Wasfia Worthy of praise / mention; Worthy of praise Girl Islam
Waleis One belonging from wales; From wales Girl Christianity
Bhutesh One of the many names of lord shiva; Lord shiva Boy -
Veerendra Lord of the courageous men; Lord of the brave Boy Jainism
Bhoomivallabh King of the earth; Lord of earth; Ruler of the earth; Supreme power of the earth Boy -
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