Welsh Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Prina Pleased; Feeling fullfilled; Content; Happy; Content, satisfied Boy Hindu
Guto A strong chief or a person who have ability to lead a group with management Boy Christianity
Bran A raven; A black bird that resembles a crow; Father of caradoc or caradawc Boy Christianity
Hawwa Eve Girl Christianity
Gwylan Seagull Girl Christianity
Aneurin Uncertain origin; A variation of name is aneirin; Celtic - high minded; But may be derived from the latin honorius meaning man of honour; Or from the welsh eur meaning gold Boy Christianity
Shola Ag; Shakti; A blessed one Girl -
Sheikh Variant of shaikh: head chieftain teacher; A teacher or a chief Boy Islam
Babita One who has an inspiration; Little; Stranger Girl -
Bethan Consecrated to god Girl Christianity
Sakina A beloved friend / having godinspired peace of mind; Friend; Variant of sakinah: tranquility devout god-inspired peace of mind; One whose piece of mind is inspired by god Girl -
Carantorivs He has many virtues Boy Christianity
Gethin The person who has black or gloomy skin; Dark-skinned Boy Christianity
Sapna A dream come true; Dream Girl -
Barris Son of harry Boy Christianity
Owain A youthful individual who has a charismatic personality; Son of urien; Eugene Boy Judaism
Eesha Goddess parvati/ purity; Indian goddess parvati; Purity Girl Hindu
Beynon Son of eynon Boy Christianity
Everwyn Boar friend; He who is a friend of the sea Boy Christianity
Gleinguid Gleinguid means the one who comes from the valley Boy Christianity
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