Meaning of The Name Qahir

Analysis of the name Qahir, Meaning of the name Qahir. What does Qahir mean and its definition, numerology, popularity, origin and other things.

Information About The Name Qahir

Origin of the name Qahir: Muslim; Indian

Religion: Islam

Rashi (Moon sign): Gemini (Mithun)

Nakshatra (Star): Krittika

Gender of the name Qahir: Boy

The Numerology of the name Qahir

Numerology is the study of the numerical value of the letters in names, words and ideas. To calculate numerology number is very easy. Add the letters that the name Qahir contains and its alphabet numbers.

Q 17 A 1 H 8 I 9 R 18

After you sum up these numbers, 53 is your name numerology number.

The Destiny Number of the name Qahir

Destiny Number symbolizes the opportunities you have, To calculate the destiny number of the name Qahir is easy, There is a number for each letters of your name, Add up these numbers and you get your destiny number.


Your destiny number is: 8.

The 8 destiny number indicates you are disciplined, ambitious, and hard working. You will strive for success in work and life, These qualities often result in great success in whatever field you choose to work in. Be wary of being too intolerant and stubborn of others.

The Personality Number of the name Qahir

Personality Number: 7. Here is your name analysis according to your personality number.

The 7 personality number indicates you are introverted, secretive, even different and mysterious. People find it harder to get to know the true you, because you seem so withdrawn. In your life, be wary of appearing too arrogant and opinionated, take care not to offend others.

The Soul Number of the name Qahir

Soul Number: 1. Here is your name analysis according to your soul number.

The 1 soul number indicates you are independent, you have a strong desire to rule over your own direction in your respective field according to what you believe is right. You long to be in complete control of your destiny and a leader of whatever venture, endeavour.

Qahir Meaning

Conqueror victorious; A victrorius one who conquers