Meaning of The Name Gilly

Analysis of the name Gilly, Meaning of the name Gilly. What does Gilly mean and its definition, numerology, popularity, origin and other things.

Information About The Name Gilly

Origin of the name Gilly: Irish; German

Religion: Christianity

The Numerology of the name Gilly

Numerology is the study of the numerical value of the letters in names, words and ideas. To calculate numerology number is very easy. Add the letters that the name Gilly contains and its alphabet numbers.

G 7 I 9 L 12 Y 25

After you sum up these numbers, 65 is your name numerology number.

The Destiny Number of the name Gilly

Destiny Number symbolizes the opportunities you have, To calculate the destiny number of the name Gilly is easy, There is a number for each letters of your name, Add up these numbers and you get your destiny number.


Your destiny number is: 2.

The 2 destiny number indicates you are more sensitive and intuitive to the people around you and the world. You are more likely to crave peaceful and balance resolution to conflict, which makes you better deal with others. In your life, be wary of being thrown off balance by situations or negative people around you.

The Personality Number of the name Gilly

Personality Number: 2. Here is your name analysis according to your personality number.

The 2 personality number indicates you are trustworthy, friendly, warm, reliable, unpretentious, and draw others easily with your serene and warm nature. Be wary of being perceived as indecisive and a pushover by some.

The Soul Number of the name Gilly

Soul Number: 9. Here is your name analysis according to your soul number.

The 9 soul number indicates you are an idealistic philanthropist. You are more likely to be a perfectionist, You see life in a broad perspective and are also self-sacrificing. You are sensitive and emotional, if there is a lack of self-perfection, you will be disappointed.

Gilly Meaning

The name gilly means flower, gillyflower it is of german, gaelic and irish origin and a female name