Afghan Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Parigul Flower row; Angel of flowers Girl Islam
Mukhtar The chosen one; Chosen; Chosen authorized Boy Islam
Aryo Fierce; Name of the iranian hero who fought against alexander the great; Variant of arrio: warlike Boy Islam
Khan Zada A very big man Boy Islam
Yasmoon A name of jasmine flower Girl Islam
Asmaan Girl name meaning sky Girl -
Azzat Gazelle; Azzat is the turkish form of the arabic name azzah, and means gazelle Boy Islam
Mursalin Messengers, or message-bearers Boy Islam
Arezo Wish or desire Girl Islam
Noushineh A musical tone of old persian music Girl Islam
Tasneem Fountain of paradise; A river in heaven; Variant of tasnim: fountain of paradise Girl Islam
Morsal A flower find in the afghan region Girl -
Zahab Gold Girl Islam
Kinaaz Pride of the king, or a princess who makes her father proud Girl Islam
Mateen Strong; Firm; Prosperous; A well-mannered person Boy -
Nahal Satisfied; Complete; A young plant; Full with love of gods warriors Girl Islam
Nawaskhan A generous ruler, one who gives; No meaning as this is a modern name Boy -
Damsa A silk of white color Girl Islam
Isfandiyar The brave king also the name of an iranian king Boy Islam
Khilji Open; Name of dynasty; Refers to an afghan village Boy Islam
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