African Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Mardea The last one; Last Girl -
Afi African - a child who is born on friday; Born on friday; A variant form is afia; A daughter who is born on friday Girl -
Peeta A variation of name is pita; African - fourth born daughter Girl -
Baako The first born child in the family; First born Boy -
Jafari Swahili name meaning "creek."; He who lives near the creek Boy Christianity
Thabo He who brings joy; Happiness Boy -
Anyango Af of kenya name meaning "friend."; One who was born during mid day Girl Christianity
Davu Starting of a new age; The beginning Boy Christianity
Deiondre A valley which is filled with flowers; Valley Unisex Christianity
Yaima Water conduit; Little princess Girl -
Kainda Kainda means the hunter's daughter; Hunter's daughter Girl -
Kofi Akan name common in ghana; Kofi means he is born on a friday; Meaning "born on friday." Boy -
Hamidi To be commended, praise; Commendable Boy Hindu
Hazina Treasure Girl Hindu
Namazzi Water; One who pray 5 times a day according to islam Boy -
Haadhir Present; A variant of hadhir; Attending; Variant of hadhir: present attending Boy -
Tafadhdhal Favor obligation; An obligation or commitment to someone Boy Islam
Akua Queen of the leader wise; African - a child who is born on thursday Girl -
Shaquille Handsome; Pretty Unisex -
Biton Myth name (son of a priestess); Born after long wait Boy Christianity
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