Anuradha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Nessie Diminutive of agnes: poor; Pure; Then revived in the 19th centurypure; Or chaste. st. agnes was a 3rd century christian martyr whose january 21st feast day is described in keats' poem 'the eve of st agnes'. agnes was popular until the reformation; Th Girl Judaism
Nekpaal A smoke, emit a cloud of fine particles; Protector of nobility Boy Judaism
Niketa A habitation; A house; A place to stay; Failed, unproductive, vain, ineffective; Residence; Home Girl Judaism
Nimansh Name given to the blue god; Krishna; Blue god Boy Judaism
Neville From the new village; The freshly established city; From the new town Boy Judaism
Nitiman One who is a pride of morality; One whose conduct is based on wisdom Boy Judaism
Nealson The born son of victor; Son of neil Boy Judaism
Nirgranth One who is coming from the northern part of the nation; Simple behaviour Boy Judaism
Nihit God gift; The precious talent from god Boy Judaism
Nikhit High-pitched, piercing, harsh, severe; Earth; Sharp; Ganges Girl Judaism
Nivedita Surrendered: offered to god; Surrendered; One dedicated to service; Of god; Offered to god; One who is surrendered to god Girl Judaism
Needham The person in need of a place to stay; Needy home Boy Judaism
Neelan Lord krishna, who is in blue color image; God kannan Boy Judaism
Nishikant Husband of night; Lord of night Boy Judaism
Nivranshu Grace of the moon; The part of grace of the moon Boy Judaism
Nilakshi Blue-eyed; The one who has blue kind of eyes Girl Judaism
Nieve Snowy; Bight light or shining nimble Girl Judaism
Nils Accomplishment or feat of the people; Son of niel Boy Judaism
Niklas Success belongs to the people; Variant of nikolaus victory Boy Judaism
Nirlobha Living in north side; Without greed Boy Judaism
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