Arabic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Hadee A variant of hadi; Guide; Director; Guiding to the right; Variant of hadi: guiding to the right Boy -
Zaryan Not known; Seeker of wealth Boy Islam
Tasadduq Giving a donation; Giving alms donation Boy Islam
Salam Slave of the peace; A person who doesn't harm others Boy -
Famidah One who is wise and smart Girl -
Habibah Loved; Variant of habiba: beloved sweetheart darling; Favorite, dearest, beloved Girl Hindu
Mansur Aided (by god) victorious; A victorious one Boy -
Shariat One who lives by the religious law Boy -
Mash'al A torch Boy -
Mahmud He who is praised and worthy of adoration; Variant of mahmoud: praised; Praised; One who is praiseworthy; The prophet of islam Boy -
Kheir Kheir means he has honor Boy -
Daliya God is my guide; Dahlia Girl -
Rasal Muslim name for boys; Angle Boy -
Akfah Worshiping in isolation Girl -
Leelah Arabic name for night beauty Girl -
Sajal Resembling a cloud; Something moist, damp or watery; Moist Boy -
Nomaan Lively blood which is circulating inside of human body; Variant of nu'man: blood old arabic name Boy -
Nizam An arrangement or an order of something; Disciplined Boy -
Khadra Green; Khadra means green. green of the jennah; Verdant Girl -
Azarnoush Right in faith Girl Islam
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