Aridra Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Nabhkanti The person who resembles the biggest star in the space, sun; Light of sky Boy Judaism
Nakshvardhan Victory; The king of the stars Boy Judaism
Natyapriya Fond of dancing; The one who admires dancing Boy Judaism
Navjeev The ever fresh life; The diurnal birds of prey having long pointed powerful wings adapted for swift flight falcon Boy Judaism
Naheed The planet venus of the solar system; Honorable; Generosity Girl -
Nay The state or quality of being widely honored; Highness and grace Boy Judaism
Nandkishore The child out of joy; Son of nand ji Boy Judaism
Nassiruddin Protector of the faith; The protector of religion Boy -
Natraaj The dancing king; The supreme dancer Boy Judaism
Naji A rescued one, act of being rescued; Useful beneficial Boy -
Nadhirah The one who is good looking and glowing; Bright face with lustre & noor; Healthy & happy Girl -
Natana The special talent from the high above the heavens; Dancing Girl Judaism
Nabani Fresh butter; Fresh fat or margarine Girl Judaism
Nagalata Snake goddess; The spiritual serpent or deity cobra Girl Judaism
Kulwant The vessel of purity and righteousness of the spiritual family; Kulwant means the vessel of purity and righteousness of the sprirtual family Boy Judaism
Nadimah Friend; The person who is very closer to your heart Girl -
Kumur Prince; Heir to thrown; Royal descendant Boy Hindu
Kunjal Nightingale; Cuckoo; Kunjal means nightingale Unisex Judaism
Naamah Melodiousness, beauty and splendour; Pleasant Girl Judaism
Naamvichar Reflection on consciousness; The one who has consideration on the morality Boy Judaism
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