Ashlesha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Debasis Benediction of god; God's endowment; A present from god; Blessings of god; Pleased by the gods; Gift of god Boy -
Delanie Challenger; Born out of alder grove Girl Christianity
Dedo The lord's; A lord; They are sympathetic beings Boy Christianity
Debanjan One who works as a eyeliner of god; Kajal of goddess eye Boy Hindu
Debanjali One who pays homage to the girls; Homage to god Girl Hindu
Digant One who rises at the horizon; Horizon Boy Hindu
Dipankar Brightness; Flame; Light; One who has a lamp in his hands Boy Hindu
Dempster A judge of character; A shrine; Judicious Boy Christianity
Dilraaj They are the ruler of hearts; Hearty kingdom Boy Sikh
Deakshit Poojari; Frank; Priest; One who initiates the action Boy Hindu
Desidéria Desired; Longing Girl Christianity
Dipayan Lamp which emits light; Light of a lamp Boy Hindu
Dilmeet One who is friend of heart; Friend of heart; Feeling of love Boy Hindu
Doanna A person who is smart, intelligent and fun to be with; American compound of dorothy and anna Girl Christianity
Devavath One who is lead by god; Guided by the gods; Protected by the god Boy -
Dorcey Dark variant of darcy; One who is dark in color Girl Christianity
Doran One who has a wandering spirit and is in exile; Stranger Boy Christianity
Dellingr Shining or brilliant; Shining Boy Christianity
Denisha Feminine of denis from the greek name dionysus; A stable and fun loving person Girl Christianity
Devabhraj Luminous like a god; Radiance of god Boy -
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