Ashwini Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Lava Brother of kush); The one who has the titel of the lord; Piece (son of ram and sita Boy Judaism
Gyala Downy, youthful, young at heart; Youth Boy Christianity
Lawford A person who is from the ford at the hill; From the ford at the hill Boy Judaism
Claudas Name of a king; Derived from the name of a famous king Boy Christianity
Chunmay Supreme consciousness; One who is aware of everything surrounding him Boy Hindu
Lalima Redness; Beauty; Beauty and goddess laxmi; A beautiful glow of the reddish, morning sky; Morning red in the sky Girl Judaism
Blagdan From the dark valley; From the shadowy valley Boy Christianity
Labangalata A flowering creeper; The meaning of the name is flowering creeper plant Girl Judaism
Laurin Laurel; Laurel tree or sweet bay tree Girl Judaism
Hla Sweetness; She who is beautiful Girl Buddhism
Lajbir The name means as brave as a hunderd thousand; Honourable brave Boy Judaism
Layan Tender; A tender and soft girl; Gentleness; Softness Girl -
Tlaco Middle-born; The middle born daughter Girl Christianity
Clarimonda An intelligent female protector; Brilliant protectress Girl Christianity
Lawe From the hill; A person tho inhabites the hillside Boy Judaism
Chayla Fairy; Life; Palace of the fairy Girl Christianity
Layak A skilfull and capable individual; Capable Boy Judaism
Lalaine A woman who works hard for her independence; The narrow road Girl Judaism
Laryssa Variant of lara: protection; A cheerful, joyous one who spreads happiness Girl Judaism
Dhupala Peace loving; A fragrant individual; Fragrant Boy Hindu
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