Assamese Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Xoti Small Girl Hindu
Yumn Success or good fortune; Good fortune success Girl Hindu
Promode Joyful; Pleasure; One who gives meaning to things; Enjoyment Boy -
Nilmitra Blue Boy Hindu
Xhiva God shiva; Assamese version of lord shiva. it means benign, kind, auspicious Boy Hindu
Neerab Calm; Calm, a man of calm demeanor Boy Hindu
Swrang Sining; A musical instrument Boy Hindu
Gojen Elephant; One of many names of lord krishna in assamese; Giant Boy -
Yangkyi An adorable girl; Adorable Girl Hindu
Ujjal Bright, clean, lovely; Briliant; Luminous Boy Hindu
Thooya Pure, a pure soul; Pure Girl Hindu
Yuti Union Girl Hindu
Salmi Beautiful and endearing; Beautiful; Endearing Girl Hindu
Chakradhwaj A mark of wheel Boy Hindu
Vedha Truth, pious; Pious Girl Hindu
Zatinga River Girl Hindu
Himanta Ice; Snow; Cold; End of winter; A cold and ice, the end of the winter Girl Christianity
Aasin Calling himself; Different meaning like a driver, calling himslef, wheel maker, lucky in life Girl Hindu
Yashodhara Bearer of fame or glory; Glory; One who has achieved fame; Buddha; Wife of gautama Girl Hindu
Yashashree Gods name for success; God's name for success Girl Hindu
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