Bengali Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Kamalapathi One of many names of lord vishnu signifying him as owner of lotus; Lord vishnu Boy Hindu
Chaitaly Ability to feel; Name of an ancient city; Consciousness Unisex Hindu
Aswantha Buddha got wisdom under it; Victorious; Tree where buddha medidated and gained knowledge; Holy tree; Tree of knowledge; Peepal tree Boy Hindu
Jayanand Joy of success; Happy in his victory Boy Christianity
Bala Vibrant; Damsel; One who is youthful; Child.; A young female; Girl; An ever 9 year old girl; Infant; Young strength; Young girl; Ear- ring; Small child; Little girl; A young girl; Also balan Unisex -
Gaousik Lord buddha Boy -
Siddarth One who accomplishes his goals; Bright and quick-minded Boy -
Pranjivan Life; Generaly means life. to be alive Boy -
Palaniappan Loves his devotees; Another name for lord murugan; A name of lord murugan Boy Judaism
Gangavar Goddess ganga's boon; A blessing of goddess ganga; Goddess gangas boon Boy -
Nihant Never ending; Boy; Eternal, everlasting, endless Boy Judaism
Unnabh Highest; Highest, the peak Boy Hindu
Joshila One who is filled with enthusiasm; Filled with enthusiasm Girl Hindu
Habiba Beloved, darling, sweetheart; One who is dearly loved; Sweetheart; Feminine form of habib; Beloved. sweetheart. darling.; Beloved Girl Hindu
Anuranjita Starry night; Delighted and happy; Delighted Unisex -
Mihika Haze, miasma, droplets; Mist; Dew drop; Fog Girl Judaism
Tulasi The sacred basil; A sacred plant (basil); A sacred plant, basil Girl Hindu
Paawan Wind; One who is clever and clean sighted; Pious Boy Judaism
Naimath Bounties, a reward from the almighty; No meaning as this is a modern name Boy -
Saroja Lotus Girl -
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