Bharani Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Cornelia Derived from cornelius; A person who is firm, wise and strongwilled Girl Christianity
Celeste A usual name meaning a heavenly body; Heavenly Boy Christianity
Wacleah From wake's meadow Boy Christianity
Lindberg From the linden tree hill; One who comes from the hill where the linden tree grow Boy Judaism
Klemens Merciful; Klemens means merciful Boy Judaism
Kyleigh No meaning as this is a modern name; The name means she who isthriumphant Girl -
Louisiana French place name; In honor of king louis Girl Judaism
Bramley Broom clearing; The clearing of the broom Boy Christianity
Corlie One who is carefree and cheerful; Cheery; Benevolent; A nonchalant happy go lucky person Girl Christianity
Trilokanath Lord shiva Boy Hindu
Gwendolen Gwendolen means white browed person white brows are the sign of blessings and intelligence; Merlin's wife Girl Christianity
Florens Prosperous being; Blossoming; Charming; It means 'to flower'; Flowering; From florence Girl Christianity
Callista Beautiful; Young woman who is the most beautiful Girl Christianity
Mrigalochan Of a deer; One who has beautiful eyes like that of a deer; One with eyes like that Boy Hindu
Farrleigh From the bull meadow; Meadow of the sheep; One who is from the sheep meadow Boy Christianity
Lubayd Old arabic name; An old arabian name Boy -
Dylen Sea; Uniter; One who leaves an influence Boy Christianity
Lerusha Princess; A wealthy, strong vigorous individual; Lakshmi Girl Judaism
Fidelity Faithful; To stay true and faithful Unisex Christianity
Lowri A laurel, distinction; Crowned with laurels Girl Judaism
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