Biblical Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Tarsus Boy who has wings; Winged; Feathered Boy Christianity
Joel He that wills or commands; God; Jehovah is god; Strong - willed jehovah is god the biblical prophet joel wrote the book of joel; A book in the judaism and christianity bible meaning god, he that wills or commands; The lord is god; God is willing Boy Judaism
Cephas A rock or stone; A stone or a rock Boy Christianity
Makaylah Who is like god feminine version of michael; A question "who is like a god?" Girl Judaism
Elhanan God is very good and is gracious; God is gracious Boy Christianity
Kitra Crowned; The name means crown Girl Judaism
Tamitha Twin Girl Christianity
Toi One who wanders, a wanderer; Who wanders Boy Judaism,Christianity
Ishmael God will hear Boy Christianity
Honza God is gracious; Gift from god Boy Christianity
Radwan A delightful person; Delight Boy -
Ammanuel Assyrian variant of emmanuel it means god is with us Boy Christianity
Arah The one who enjoys adventure; The way; A traveler Boy -
Cayla Crown of laurel; A very slender female Girl Christianity
Shana God is gracious; Beautiful Girl -
Fruma Girl who is religious or spiritual; One who is religious Girl Christianity
Eua To breathe Girl Christianity
Hannibal Grace, beauty, loveliness; Baal has favored Boy Christianity
Ibrahim The biblical abraham is the english language equivalent a prophets name; Form of abraham; A variant of ebrahim, meaning father of many nations; Father of nations; Abraham; Meaning father of a multitude; Arabic form of abraham; Earth Boy Islam
Hila Aura - halo; Praise or appreciation Girl Christianity
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