Bosnian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Enis One who is friendly Boy Islam
Muharem Sacred, forbidden, holy Boy Islam
Niđara She who is loved by all Girl Islam
Ganib Blessed by rich loot or winnings Boy Islam
Zineta Beautiful ornament; Jewelry, decoration Girl Islam
Elizabeta Dedicated to god Girl Christianity
Adelais Noble Boy Christianity
Elmedina A variant of almedina, meaning one who is devoted to faith or civilized Girl Islam
Vahid Single or one Boy Islam
Almedina One who is devoted to faith or one who is civilized Girl Islam
Nejra Sparkle or shine Girl Islam
Safeta Clean or pure Girl Islam
Ljiljan Lily flower Boy Christianity
Alija Bosnian form of ali it means highly regarded; Derived from ali Boy Islam
Dženan He who is loved Boy Islam
Serif Noble, respectable, honorable Boy Islam
Zahida Hermit ascetic; She who is restrained, devoted to god Girl Islam
Mehmed Praised Boy Islam
Reuf Very merciful Boy Islam
Ismeta Innocent, saved from sin Girl Islam
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