Brischik Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Nagari A kind of earthen pitcher; The antagonist of the snakes Boy Judaism
Nirbhau The one who is without scare, afraid, fear or panic; Without fear; Fearless Girl Judaism
Naseeka A piece of gold or something valuable; Piece of gold Girl -
Nekpaal A smoke, emit a cloud of fine particles; Protector of nobility Boy Judaism
Noori Variant of nuri: shining; The dearest and talented messenger of the god; Shining Boy -
Norina The shining and sparkling one, worthy and upright; Light Girl Judaism
Nunzia Announces; The one who carries good messages Girl Judaism
Nicklaus The overcoming man of the nation; Victory of the people Boy Judaism
Nathuram Lord rams servant; The worshipper of god Boy Judaism
Nirijhar The mankind form the north side; Waterful Boy Judaism
Nyasia Sweet and sensitive; Latin version of the word modest that means a decency Girl Judaism
Nishipati Moon; The husband or possessor of night Boy Judaism
Nijel Winner, conqueror, hero, overcomer; Champion from the irish and scottish niall Boy Judaism
Nyoka Snake; A person who infatuates others to whom others been attracted Girl Judaism
Nilojan Brightness; Illumination or lustre or vividness Boy Judaism
Newlyn From the new spring; From the shrine of saint newelina Unisex Judaism
Navakishor Lord krishna; The freshly born kid Boy Judaism
Naziah A high-spirited girl; Friend; Companion Girl -
Nusayr One of the narrators of hadith; A narrator of hadith Boy -
Nazahah The just or fair person; One who is pure and honest; Purity righteousness honesty Girl -
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