British Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Grenville They love companionship and want to work in peacethey are scholars, philosophers and teachers; From the large town Boy Christianity
Eastorwine A person who has quailities of a leader Boy Christianity
Hrehaan Gods chosen one (celebrity name: hritik roshan); God's chosen Boy Christianity
Garry Diminutive of gareth: gentle. modest and brave sir gareth was a legendary knight of king arthur's round table.; Based on medieval pronunciation. famous bearer: irish statesma; Spear; Diminutive of garret: hard or bold spear. an irish variant of the g Boy Christianity
Clement Merciful and warm hearted; A disciple of st paul who became a first century pope; Gentle. famous bea; Gentle; From 'clemens' meaning mild or merciful. famous bearer: the british nursery rhyme 'oranges and lemons' refers to a church dedicated to st cl Boy Christianity
Laci Derived from lacey which is a french nobleman's surname brought to british isles after norman conquest; Laci means the glory of the rule Boy Judaism
Gueiluirth They are not comfortable with making decission especially major decissionthey have strong emotional nature Boy Christianity
Lainey Beautiful lady of the land; The name means bright light, torch Girl Judaism
Graysen They are very competent, practical and powerfulthe have very strong business mind and achieve all goal; Gray-haired: son of the gray family: son of gregory Boy Christianity
Haida Heart Girl Judaism
Brithnoth A surname of british origin Boy Christianity
Heahburg High fortress Girl Christianity
Brigit Meaning 'the high one' or 'strength' brighid was a mythological celtic goddess of fire and poetry this name has been used regularly in the british isles since the 17th century'strength; A woman who is exalted; Derived from the irish name brighid Girl Christianity
Branton Variant of brand mohawk indian joseph brant was a renowned strategist who fought for the british during the american revolution: and a devout scholar who translated christian religious works into his native indian tongue; A settlement with thick grow Boy Christianity
Vanessa From phanessa; Of venus famous bearers: british actress vanessa redgrave romance author vanessa grant; Butterfly; Butterfly. also; Resembling a butterfly; The mystic goddess of an ancient greek brotherhood Girl Christianity,Greek
Edde One who is wealthy; Swedish form of eddie; Form of eddie Boy Christianity
Britanny One from the british island Girl Christianity
Hormat Honour; Honor Girl Christianity
Guodloiu Have sterling quality but doesnot give an overall stability Boy Christianity
Hebrewynn Friend Girl Hindu
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