Buddhism Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Gawa Joy and happiness Girl Buddhism
Sarangerel Moonlight Girl Buddhism
Chalermchai A celebrated victory Boy Buddhism
Hella Successful, victorious Girl Buddhism
Kanishka Name of a king of the kushan empire in south asia who supported buddhism; Name of a king Girl Hindu
Sud My secret; Tiger in thai language Boy Buddhism
Drdhahanus No meaning as this is a modern name; One who has a pure heart; Loving natured Boy Buddhism
Erhi The letter e; A musical instrument Girl Buddhism
Angkasa The sky Girl Buddhism
Thuzar Angel, a girl as beautiful and virtuous as an angel Girl Buddhism
Enkhjargal Peaceful happiness or peace blessing Girl Buddhism
Mongolekhorniiugluu Mongol country's morning Unisex Buddhism
Taban Splendid or glittering; Somali and ugandan name meaning unknown Unisex Buddhism
Tu Refers to a person who learns quickly and intelligent Boy Buddhism
Gantulga Steel hearth Boy Buddhism
Hlaing Plenty, plentiful Unisex Buddhism
Genghis A variant of chenghiz it means greatest and wise Boy Buddhism
Kohsoom Lotus in thai language Girl Buddhism
Chingis A variant of chenghiz it means greatest and wise Boy Buddhism
Pasang Venus or friday; Born on a friday Boy Buddhism
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