Cambodian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Samphy Hardworking or busy Unisex Hindu
Sokha One who is peaceful and content with his or her life Unisex Hindu
Rathana Precious stones, jewels Boy Hindu
Jorani A radiant jewel Girl Hindu
Nearidei White four-leafed flower Girl Hindu
Vanna Golden; Golden colored Boy Hindu
Visothirith Heavenly and pure Boy Hindu
Nhean Instinctive Boy Hindu
Raksmei Ray of light Boy Hindu
Somnang Lucky, fortunate Boy Hindu
Sopath One with soft and gentle demeanor Boy Hindu
Rathanak Precious stones, jewels Boy Hindu
Veha Cambodian word for sky Boy Hindu
Reach A beautiful woman Girl Hindu
Chanmony One who shines like moon Girl Hindu
Sov A child born on saturday Boy Hindu
Sonisay One who creates a good first impression Girl Hindu
Visoth Heavenly and pure Boy Hindu
Sangha Group; Organisation; Gathering; Handsome Boy Hindu
Leakena Characteristic and quality Girl Hindu
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