Celtic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Douglas Dwells by the dark stream; Dark water. in the seventeenth century; Dweller by the dark stream; The origin of dark water; From the dark river. the scottish douglas clan had two historical branches: (black douglases and; This name was as popular for gi Boy Christianity
Neely Feminine of neil champion; The great champion of the nation Unisex Judaism
Kody Kody means he who is wealthy; A cushion; "assistant; Possessions." Boy Judaism
Allene Attractive, peaceful; Fair: good-looking feminine of allen or variant of helen Girl -
Bowden Messenger; Means a hill shaped like a bow or a dweller on top of a hill Boy -
Naal Name of a saint; A well-known birth that is highly celebrated Boy Judaism
Anete Kind; Holy; Good; Celtic - hunger; One; Lamb; Old greek - pure, chaste; A varaition of agnes; Pious Girl Greek
Kemble Strong family; Kemble means from beside the water pipe Boy -
Keriste Kerishia means unsullied Girl -
Oonagh Malnutrition or spotlight or unique; One Girl Judaism
Merlyn From the hill over the sea; Blackbird.; Sea fortress. in arthurian mythology the wizard merlin was king arthur's mentor.; Fortification on the highest place; Small falcon Girl Judaism
Kelby Dark: dark-haired; Kalby means place by the fountain or spring Boy -
Glendon Glendon name means from the dark glen; From the dark glen Boy Christianity
Kennedi Kennedi means helmet on the head; Unknown Girl -
Carbry He is from the tree's hedge; Charioteer Boy Christianity
Konnor Variant of connor; Konnor means lover of hounds Boy -
Mariner Lives by the sea; One who lives by the sea Boy Judaism
Ailill Mythical king of connaught; Irish baby name Girl -
Keyara Keyara means the small one with dark hair; Beautiful river Girl -
Litugenus The one who has a settlement Boy -
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