Chitra Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ranga Another name of vishnu; Name of lord vishnu Boy -
Ram pratap Warm ram; Majestic; Lord rama's fame; Powerful; Lord rama; Strong Boy -
Peter A rock peter the biblical fisherman and apostle had impulsive nature and rocklike faith in catholic tradition he is the first pope; One who is a rock and a stone Boy Judaism
Raybourne One from the roebruck's stream; From the roe-deer brook Boy -
Raghukumara Lord rama; Lord ram Boy -
Ramal Enjoying; Rejoicing; Pleasing; Charming; Enchanting Boy Hindu
Racheal Hebrew - ewe; A variant of rachel; Variant of rachel; Female sheep; Innocent lamb; Ewe Girl Judaism
Ponnaiyah A baby boy name with hindi origins; Struggle fighter Boy -
Rashaqa Stature; Grace; One who is graceful; Graceful Girl -
Rily Absolutely and ridiculously perfect; A person who dwells in the rye fields Unisex -
Ramleen One absorbed in god; Engrossed in god Girl Hindu
Ravon Black bird; A form of raven Girl Christianity
Raanee A queen; Variant of rani: the queen Girl -
Raveena Spreasing sunshine; A variant of raveena or ravina; Sunny Girl Hindu
Raimunda Wise defender; Spanish - wise defender Girl Christianity
Rajender Lord of the kings; Lord of kings emperor Boy -
Rihab Vastness; Wideness; A wide, spaceous places Girl -
Penrod Famous commander; Is born with a deep desire to inspire Boy Judaism
Ramiro A variant form of ramirus; Great; Germanic - counsel; Famous; Advice; Judicious Boy -
Rayhaan Heavens flower; Favored by god; Sweet basil; A sweet smelling flower that isn't a rose, also something that brings confort Boy -
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