Christianity Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Chastin The one who has pure character Girl Christianity
Gerrald One who rules with the spear; Form of gerald rules by the spear Boy Christianity
Hamdoon Which have been praised, an islamic scholar Boy Christianity
Josalind Modern blend of jocelyn and rosalind; The meaning of the name is one from the gauts tribe Girl Christianity
Delphinium Woman from delphi; Open to emotions Girl Christianity
Cydrych A cheerful person Boy Christianity
Toi One who wanders, a wanderer; Who wanders Boy Judaism,Christianity
Edina Wealthy; They are good people; A lovely and prosperous friend Boy Christianity
Ellieana An answer to god's prayers Girl Christianity
Janetta Gift from god; A gift from god Girl Christianity
Esupofo The devil has lost Boy Christianity
Athelstan Old english - noble stone; Name of a king Boy Christianity
Cinan One who is the chief presider; Chief; Head; Being high Boy Christianity
Eufemia Favourable speech; To speak or to declare or words of good omen; Well regarded; Sweet spoken; Well-spoken; One with the good reputation Girl Christianity
Deedee A beloved being; Raging one from the valley Boy Christianity
Cyndee A bright child; Abbreviation of cynthia and lucinda Girl Christianity
Sassa God is beautiful Girl Christianity
Earlena The name earlena means a very noble women; Noble woman Girl Christianity
Kalaraja Lord of death; Kalaraja means lord of death Boy Christianity
Hemendra Lord of gold Boy Christianity
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