Croatian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Bura She is like a sea storm; Safe; Out of danger Girl Christianity
Seada One who is happy and cheerful Girl Islam
Zdenka A winding sheet; To build or create; One from sidon Girl Christianity
Jadran One who is named after the adriatic sea Boy Christianity
Jerko A diminutive of jeromin Boy Judaism
Mirta An evergreen shrub or a small tree Girl Judaism
Dinora Avenged. judged and vindicated. famous bearer: biblical dinah; A form of hebrew name dinah, meaning avenged; Jacob's only daughter Girl Judaism
Davorin A mythological name, meaning god of war Boy Christianity
Biljana The name biljana comes from the serbian and croatian origin the name comes from the word "bilje" meaning plant Girl Hindu
Mirjana Beloved one Girl Christianity
Dalmat Croatian word for sheep Boy Christianity
Lovre Short form of lovrenco it means from laurentum Boy Christianity
Zagorka Behind the mountain Girl Christianity
Klimentina Klementina means kind and sparing Girl Judaism
Miho Croatian form of michael, meaning who is like god Boy Christianity
Basia The foreigner or stranger; Foreign woman Girl Christianity
Dragutin One who is dear and precious Boy Christianity
Vlasta Spear or stalk; Myth name Girl Christianity
Vinko Conquering, a man with conquering and leadership qualities Boy Christianity
Zlatan Golden-haired; A golden haired man Boy Christianity
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