Dhanistha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Gurdweep Light from the guru; Light of the guru, they love, care and help other they are of the generous personalities Boy Christianity
Gannaath An epithet of lord shiva; One of many names of lord shiva Boy -
Gerodi Hero or hill; Refers to mountain or champion Boy Christianity
Gaousik Lord buddha Boy -
Gianinder King of knowledge; Gianinder is an indian male name and means king of knowledge represented in sikh religion Boy Sikh
Gatik Speed; Fast; Fast progressive; On going; Course; Progressive; Destiny Boy -
Garula Carrier of the great; The one who carries the greetings & wishes to all mankind Boy Hindu
Gillespie Gillespie is a male name it means the bishop's servant and comes from gaelic origin; Servant of the bishop Boy Christianity
Girikarni Lord of the mountains; Lord shiva; One of the many names of lord shiva; God of mountain Boy -
Georgeanne A combination of georgia and ann; Variant of georgia Girl Christianity
Gajnan Root of a lotus; Elephant; The person who has elephant face in his human body Boy Hindu
Gelarah Eyes; Refers to eyes, one of the parts of human body Girl -
Gaya One of the holy places of in india; Wise Girl Hindu
Gururaja Master of teacher; Mantralaya; Shri raghavendra prabhu Boy Christianity
Gurdaat The sikh religious leader's gift, the gift of guru to his people; Gift of guru Boy Christianity
Garima Honor; Ame; Strength; Importance; Prowess, strength, honor; Warmth; A woman of importance; Prowess Girl Hindu
Giona The male name giona means dove; A dove Boy Christianity
Gurseetal Attaining peace through gurus word; Gurseetal means getting peace through the words of lord Boy Christianity
Gunarasi With a great number of virtues; The celebration of virtue Boy Christianity
Guillaume Variant of william resolute protector; A fearless defender who can do anything to protect his beloved Boy Hindu
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