Dhanu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Bikrampreet Love for valour Boy Hindu
Brookie Brook; Near the stream; A person who is from the small brook, a small stream Boy Christianity
Franziska German feminine form of 'franciscus' which translates to a frenchwoman who is free; Free Girl Christianity
Dharin The bearer; Gift, gift of lord; One who holds Boy Jainism
Faulkner Variant of falkner: falconer; One who trains falcons; A man who trains falcons Boy Christianity
Bunme My gift; A gift that is mine Girl -
Balsudan Destroyer of large armies; Epithet of indra; Destroyer of demons Boy -
Bimol Cleaned; A variant of bimal; One who is pure Boy -
Feme Young girl; A name of love Girl Islam
Brander Firebrand; A fiery or sharp sword Boy Christianity
Balthasar One of the 3 kings; The name is a version of baltasar Boy -
Fjall From the rough hill Boy Christianity
Buckley Boy; One who is like a deer Boy Christianity
Burghard Strong as a castle; A man who is as strong as a castle Boy Christianity
Dhrupad Lord krishna; A king who resides in palace Boy Hindu
Fawwaz Successful; She is a successful man Boy Islam
Beven Son of evan; Youthful Boy Christianity
Dhwanil Sound made by wind; Sound of wind Boy Hindu
Baratam Traditional dance form of tamil nadu; A dance kind Boy -
Bakhita Lucky; Fortunate; The fortunate one Girl -
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