Egyptian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Lateefah latifah A woman who has gentle, kind and tame nature Girl -
Adeben Born twelfth; 12th born child - african akan Boy Christianity
Panya Resembling a mouse; A twin child; Mouse.; Enthroned; Glorious; One who is crowned in victory; Crowned in victory.; Feminine form of stephan: crowned with laurels.; Eexcellent; Admired Girl Judaism
Naeemah Gladness, relaxation, joy; Benevolent Girl -
Nephthys Lady of boundaries of temples; Myth name (daughter of nut and geb) Girl Judaism
Anum Born fifth; A blessing who is a holy stone; Mercy of allah Girl -
Lateef Gentle; One of kind and mild nature Boy -
Kamilah Perfect; Perfection; Kamilah means flawlessness, perfection Boy -
Jabare A man known for his bravery Boy Christianity
Lotus Flower.; Sybolizes perfection enlightenment and unfolding of spiritual wisdom; Greek name for lotus flower; Lotus flower. Girl Judaism
Rameses Egyptian - son of ra; A variant spelling is rameeses; Name of the eleven egyptian kings Boy -
Asenath Peril or misfortune; Misfortune joseph's egyptian wife; Belongs to her father; Peril Girl -
Odion The yellow daffodil flowers; Nigerian name meaning "first born of twins." Boy Judaism
Khalid Immortal; The name means to last forever; Eternal; Immortal deathless eternal Boy -
Nanu Pretty or cute or handsome; Small Girl Judaism
Horus Myth name (god of the sky); God of light Boy Christianity
Eboni Its egyptian meaning is black; The color black Girl Christianity
Neema Born in prosperity. (swahili).; Born to wealthy parents.; Prosperous; The one who was born in richness Girl Judaism
Tale Green; The color of green Girl Islam
Moisis The noble lord who is having or showing a kindly or tender nature Boy Judaism
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