Egyptian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Moise Drawn out; A person who is naturally having skin of a dusky or dark color Boy Judaism
Chavi Female child; A beautiful daughter Girl Christianity
Feme Young girl; A name of love Girl Islam
Zahra White; Beautiful; Fair; Shining or flower; White-skinned / flowerlike; Fair skinned; Flowering. (swahili).; Flower. Girl Islam
Tale Green; The color of green Girl Islam
Eshaq A prophet name; Arabic of isac; Prophet's name Boy Islam
Moeshe Egyptian - born of; Drawn out of the water; A variant of moses; Child Boy -
Thabit Strong; Firm Boy Islam
Hemede Egyptia, and french name Boy Christianity
Tahirah Pure; A pure, pristine person; Pure. chaste.; Pristine.; Virginal Girl Islam
Nakia Unpolluted or truthful or wholesome or realistic; Pure; Faithful Unisex -
Ebo One who is born on a tuesday; Born on tuesday Boy -
Bankole Build a home for me; Meaning unknown Boy Christianity
Onofria Name of an ancient egyptian god Girl Christianity
Moke A form of moses; Drawn out of the water; The person who is sweeten with honey, who is remarkably fine Boy -
Hemeda Egyptian name Boy Christianity
Masika Born during rain; A girl who was born during the rain Girl -
Neferteri The gorgeous one, prettiest Girl Judaism
Darius Name of a pharaoh; Rich and kind Boy -
Moises A kind woman, compassionate female; Spanish form of moses from the water Boy Judaism
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