Egyptian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Idogbe The second child born after twins; Brother of twins Boy -
Radames Egyptian hero of puccini's opera aida; An egyptian name meaning hero Boy -
Olabisi The joy is multiple; Brings joy Boy Christianity
Rah Egyptian - sun; Path; Wait; A variant of name ra which was an egyptian sun god originally worshipped in heliopolis Boy -
Thabit Strong; Firm Boy Islam
Kleopatra A form of cleopatra, meaning glory to father; Glory of the father Girl Christianity
Ebony A person who is beautiful both from inside and outside; Ablack wood strength Girl Christianity
Sharifa Respected; Honest, noble, distinguished; Distinguished noble Girl -
Chibale Kinsman; The kingsman Boy Christianity
Donkor Humble; The one who is humble Boy Christianity
Anpu God of the dead; They are god of death Boy -
Kamilah Perfect; Perfection; Kamilah means flawlessness, perfection Boy -
Amun Myth name (god of mystery); Variant of amon; They are lord of the mysterious Boy -
Nefertari The most pretty or gorgeous or nice looking; Name of a queen Girl Judaism
Adeben Born twelfth; 12th born child - african akan Boy Christianity
Salihah She who is just and prious; Agreeable; Variant of salihah: good useful correct agreeable pious Girl -
Hanif True believer orthodox; True, devoted, good; Believes Boy Christianity
Menefer Beautiful city; Egyptian - of the beautiful city; Established and beautiful Boy -
Asim Limitless; Variant of aasim: protector guardian; One who is protector and the guardian; Protector; Defender Boy -
Osiris God of jungle and underworld; Very majestic; Myth name (god of the dead) Boy Judaism
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