Egyptian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ra Lord shiva; The sun Boy -
Bankole Build a home for me; Meaning unknown Boy Christianity
Jabari Brave; One who is brave Boy Christianity
Kosey Lion; The meaning of the name kosey is lion Boy -
Aton Solar disk Boy -
Halima Gentle. patient. mild. humane.; Kind; Mild mannered; Halima is patient, tolerant; Gentle.; Generous; Gentle Girl -
Aswad Means black; Islamic name (black stone) in moka; Arabic and egyptian name; Black Boy Islam
Cirocco A warm wind from egypt; Ancient egyptian wind; The wind from ancient egypt Boy Christianity
Kleopatra A form of cleopatra, meaning glory to father; Glory of the father Girl Christianity
Olufemi Beloved of the gods; The creator loves us, the precious people of god Unisex Judaism
Sharifa Respected; Honest, noble, distinguished; Distinguished noble Girl -
Ode From the road; The final or the end of salvation, where the person get relieved of all his duties Girl Judaism
Hemeda Egyptian name Boy Christianity
Olabisi The joy is multiple; Brings joy Boy Christianity
Finneas The oracle; Biblically, the son of eli; Dark-skinned( egyptian) Boy -
Lateef Gentle; One of kind and mild nature Boy -
Khepri Morning sun Girl -
Lisimba Lion; Egyptian name for lion Boy -
Umayma Variant of umaymah: young mother; Little mother Girl Islam
Nephthys Lady of boundaries of temples; Myth name (daughter of nut and geb) Girl Judaism
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