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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Rocati Battle; Warfield Boy -
Grahaem A variant spelling of name graham which means "from the great meadow; Farm house" in old english; God Boy -
Aliza Joyful, blissful, pleasent; Joy joyful; Joyous Girl -
Scottas He who wanders; From scotland Boy -
Cyssi A cheerful girl Girl Christianity
Sym Short for symmetry; A woman who is like a symphony Girl Christianity
Breahha A place name in old england, a town breahha Boy Christianity
Krissy Krissy means the one who follows christ Boy Judaism
Norcross The person is from the crossroads from the northern part; From the north cross roads Boy Judaism
Alao Handsome; Both a diminutive of albert; Fair, handsome, noble; Fair; Has the status power Boy -
Chappy Merchant; A trader; Diminutive of chapman: peddler Boy Christianity
Athmore A person from the moor; From the moor Boy -
Colys Son of the dark man Boy Christianity
Korie Korie means a seething pool Boy -
Foster Also refers to a forester; Keeps the forest forest-ranger surname; It can be interpretted to mean 'supportive and nurturing' Boy Christianity
Cynorah The one who is followed Girl Christianity
Corben Raven-haired; One whose hair is as black as the raven bird Boy Christianity
Eadgar It means a very powerful person; An old english name meaning rich or happy Boy Christianity
Sakinah Tranquility devout god-inspired peace of mind; A tranquil, devout person Girl -
Haglea From the enclosed meadow; Enclosed field, enclosed meadow Boy Christianity
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