Estonian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Jevgeni Estonian form of eugene it means well born or noble Boy Christianity,Greek
Aabraham Estonian spelling for abraham it means father of many Boy Christianity
Mikkli Who is like god? estonian form of michael Boy Christianity
Mihkel Estonian form of michael, meaning who is like god? Boy Christianity
Cäroly Estonian variant of carol, meaning mean Girl Christianity
Elsbet Estonian form of elizabeth it means one who is pledged to god Girl Christianity
Anastassia Estonian form of anastasia it means resurrection; Resurrection Girl Christianity
Timmu A form of timothy, meaning honoring god Boy Christianity
Nikoli Nikoli is estonian form of nicholas and means victory of the people Boy Christianity,Greek
Vitsent To conquer Boy Christianity
Kaja The princess of gods; Kaja name means in old nordic chicken, in estonian echo and a free man in german Girl Christianity
Ene An eagle; In frisian it is masculine but in estonian it is feminine Unisex Christianity
Juudit A form of judith and means woman of judea Girl Christianity
Gaabriel A form of gabriel, meaning man of god Boy Christianity
Leelo Folk song Girl Christianity
Keert Powerful; Estonian form of gerald, meaning bold ruler Boy Christianity
Liili Liili means lily flower Girl Christianity
Tereese Harvest tereese is a form of teresa Girl Christianity,Greek
Liis Liis is the short form of eliisabet and means my god is an oath Girl Christianity
Luugus A form of luigas, meaning from lucania Boy Christianity
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