Finnish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Lippo The one who loves horses; Legend name Boy -
Kerttu Finnish form of gertrude (spear); Kert means simple pleasure Boy Judaism
Olavi The people who always prove as superiors Boy Judaism
Eetu Finnish form of edward; Wealthy guard; Form of edvart; Guardian of riches Boy Christianity
Tippa A drop or a drop of any liquid Girl -
Katrina Pure clear; Pure; Variant of katherine pure; Katrina means plain, natural, pure; Swedish form of katherine: pure Girl Christianity
Erva A finnish word meaning the hay grown after harvesting Girl Christianity
Joosep Finnish form of joseph (he adds); Estonian form of joseph it means he will add Boy Christianity
Ilda Heroine in the battle; Heroine Girl Christianity
Hilu Cloudberry; Yearn for life Girl Christianity
Jaana Feminine form of john; A sea of bitterness Girl Christianity
Rali A spirited one Girl -
Armas Beloved; Finnish - dear Boy Christianity
Harri Home rular german variant in finnish; Home ruler Boy Christianity
Sini Fair-complexioned; Blue; A poetic name for the color blue Girl Christianity
Antti Finnish form of andrew (manly); Virility; Manly; A variant of name andrew and andreas; Old greek - male; Brave Boy Christianity,Greek
Eppo A finnish word for a character of a shakespearean play comedy of errors Boy Christianity
Ossian Fawn; A trusted and happy individual Boy Judaism
Samuli The god's name Boy -
Kalva Heroine; A variant spelling of kalwa Boy -
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