French Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Jacalyn Feminine of jacques derived from james and jacob; She who is a supplanter Girl Christianity
Ellenore Versatile and creative; A foreign individual Girl Christianity
Paris The french capital; Handsome prince from troy Boy Judaism
Berenice Victorious; One who brings victory Girl Christianity
Rodel Famous ruler; A legendary, acclaimed king Boy -
Baudelaire French surname, meaning a short sword Boy Christianity
Minjonet Petite blue flower; French - resembling the small blue flower Girl -
Thebault A bold man Boy Christianity
Chantel To sing well; Song singer Girl Christianity
Garrin Meaning similar to garry; Guards: guardian Boy Christianity
Saverine She who is stern Girl -
Degare Stray; A lost one Boy Christianity
Quentin Born fifth.; He who is born fifth; From the queen's estate; The fifthborn child; Old english for 'from the queen's land'; Fifth. Boy -
Daisi Daisy; Name of a flower Girl Christianity
Lucienne Diminutive form of lucia light: illumination; Illumination, glow Girl Judaism
Moselle From a french river; From the water; Hebrew - taken from the water; A variant transcription of the name mozelle Girl Judaism
Lucile Light; Iluminous, light Girl Judaism
Franklynn Variant of franklin: free land-owner; Variant of the word 'franklyn' , it refers to a person who is free Boy Christianity
Bartlett Farmer's son; Diminutive of bartholomew; From the barley farm; Son of a farmer; Ploughman Boy Christianity
Leron The circle; To go in circle, to go around and around Boy Judaism
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