Gaelic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Mael Celtic - disciple; Legendary son of roycol; Chief, prince Boy -
Kara Pure; Derived from name cara or carus; Sweet melody; Variant of katherine pure; Italian - beloved; Abbreviation of katherine. pure.; One who is pure / dearly loved / a good friend; Dear; Beloved from the feminine form of italian 'cara' or the latin ' Boy -
Sullivan Having dark eyes; Dark eyes surname Unisex Christianity
Teaghan Little poet Unisex Christianity
Allanagh A variant form of name alana which means precious, serene; Fair maiden; Beautiful maiden Girl -
Culkin Uilcin's son Boy Christianity
Karolus Karolus means champion.strong Boy Christianity
Tenille She who brings light Girl Christianity
Lirkin One who is crowned with laurel; Decsendant of lorcan Boy -
Kylee Fair and beautiful; Kylee means victorious woman Girl -
Deidra Melancholy a variant of the older name deirdre in celtic legend deirdre died of a broken heart; One who has delicate heart Girl Christianity
Macarthur Son of arthur; Gaelic - son of arthur Boy -
Dooley Hero with dark skin; Dark hero; A dark haired person Boy Christianity
Glennis Gennis means glen, valley and is of gaelic origin; From the valley or glen Girl Christianity
Quillan Cub Boy -
Daran Great personality master; Great Boy Christianity
Eurddolad A gaelic word for justice Boy Christianity
Naoise A hunter; A beloved person who is a king Boy Judaism
Bainbrydge Lives near the bridge over the white water; One who lives bear white water Boy -
Mackenna Son of kenneth; Celtic - son of cionaodh; Gaelic - son of coinneach; Child of the handsome one Girl -
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