German Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Adalwolf Noble wolf; A noble wolf Boy -
Moritz Dark-skinned; A person with dark complexion Boy Judaism
Gipe Gipe means dirt of grime, comes from old germanic Boy Christianity
Erchanhardt Sacred; A german word meaning sacred and pious Boy Christianity
Adolpha Noble she wolf; A noble and kind she wolf Girl -
Emps Derived from the word emperor this name means a commander Boy Christianity
Bert Glorious: illustrious; Bright Boy Christianity
Karola Karola means strong; Feminine form of karl Girl Christianity
Everton Hardy: brave variant of everard; A norwegian word meaning wild boar Boy Christianity
Reginheraht Clever; Brilliant; Powerful; Mighty; Mighty or intelligent; Intelligent Boy -
Aebbe A strong person, or refers to strength Boy -
Dirk They are practical; They rule people; Famous ruler Boy Christianity
Dietz One who has taken birth to rule; People's ruler Boy Christianity
Onofredo The cadre who fights for the harmony of nation Boy Judaism
Alisia A variant of alice; Sanskrit - protected by god; A variant form of alisha; Germanic - of the noble kind; Honorable; Variant of alice; Noble Girl -
Landrick Land ruler, he who rules the lands Boy Judaism
Belvin An english surname related to the germanic given name baldwin, meaning "bold friend" Boy Christianity
Otilie Fortunate heroine; She who is wealthy Girl Christianity
Aleksandra Defender of man aneta; A variant form of alexandra; Old greek - defender of men; Anichka; Anita; Warrior; Protector of men Girl -
Siward Earl of northumberland; The tragedy of macbeth' siward; General of the english forces. also young siward; His son; He who protects and guards with his victories Boy Christianity
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