Germanic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Rozmonda Of noble kind; Germanic - noted protector; Noted protector Girl Christianity
Alisia A variant of alice; Sanskrit - protected by god; A variant form of alisha; Germanic - of the noble kind; Honorable; Variant of alice; Noble Girl -
Lombard A long-bearded person; Long beard Boy Judaism
Luki A fighter who found glory in the battle; Famous fighter Boy Judaism
Meinhard Germanic - hardy strength; Firm; Powerful strength; A variation of maynard Boy -
Meinrad A variant form is meinred; Strong advisor; Power; Germanic - strength; Advice; Counsel Boy -
Haidee Germanic - of a noble kind; Reverent; Modest; Old greek - to caress; A variant of haidy Girl -
Kolby Kolby means dark, dark-haired; Dark-skinned Boy Judaism
Aleshia Praiseful; Germanic - of the noble kind; A variant of alicia; Honorable; Noble; Hebrew - ornament Girl -
Kaarel Estonian form of charles it means man Boy Christianity
Ruger Famous spear Boy Christianity
Reinheld Germanic - a wise and strong ruler; All-knowing power; Wise strength Girl Christianity
Rainer Strong counselor; Advice, army, warrior; A variant of name rayner; Another form of reiner; Germanic - counsel Boy -
Godyf Gods peace Boy Christianity
Hermann Soldier; Army man; A variant of herman Boy -
Lodowick Man from town laurentum Boy Judaism
Minny A variant form of mary; Desire; A diminutive of miriam; Faithful guard; Protection; Germanic - will; Helmet; Loving memory Girl -
Hajo Variation of hagen Boy Christianity
Robinet He whose fame is bright; Bright fame Boy -
Hube Man who owns a hube Boy Christianity
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