Greek Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Tasa "praise." variants include tasie; A name that means resurrection; Latasi and latasi Girl Christianity
Tuder Gracious gift; The king of the nation Boy Christianity
Leianna Derived from an irish gaelic of helen: (light:beautiful woman): variant of liana: (youthful:bond); A brigh and beautiful woman Girl Judaism
Charish Graceful person; Grace; Treasure Girl Christianity
Bebba Brother; Male; Gods pledge Boy Christianity
Ryna Latin - clear, bright, famous; Old greek - defender of men; King; Laurel, bay; Ryna is a derivative of rina Boy Greek
Philipp Friend of horses; A form of the english name philip; Lover of horses; Old greek - lover of horses; Horse lover Boy Greek
Metrodora The gift or present from the town Girl Judaism
Jorg Jorg means earth worker Boy Christianity
Sascha Protector of mankind famous bearer: alexander the great; Feminine form of alexander: defender; Defender of man Boy -
Kyros Kyros name means he who is far shighted; Master Boy Judaism
Kaileena The name means torture or pure Girl Hindu
Heitor Variant of hector; Portuguese form of hector; Old greek - posessor Boy -
Kalare Kalare name means shines; Bright; Clear Girl Christianity
Anaximander Name of a greek philosopher; A greek philosopher; A lord or a master of many Boy -
Nichola Sailors; And pawnbrokers - santa claus is based on this saint; Feminine form of nicholas: people's victory. st. nicholas is the patron saint of children; The people's hero Girl Judaism
Lacola Lacola means the people's victory Girl Judaism
Europa Mother of minos; Myth name (mother of minos) Girl Christianity
Oenone Guardian of the belief, defender of the confidence; Myth name (lover of paris) Girl Judaism
Gryta The pearl, the beautiful one or the precious one that will be pious and generous; Pearl Girl Christianity
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