Gujarati Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Rajju Rope; Plain; Simple; A star Girl Hindu
Janani Mother; A tender mother; Name of three goddess; Tenderness Girl Christianity
Siddharth The blessed one; Buddha; White mustard, buddha; Accomplished; White mustard Boy -
Pushpad Who gives flowers; A flower giver Boy -
Payoja One of many names of goddess lakshmi; Lotus Girl Hindu
Dushyant Destroyer of evil; Husband of shakuntala who destroyed evil Boy Hindu
Ditya Answer of prayers; Another name for lakshmi; A name of goddess durga it means answer of prayers Girl Hindu
Kishna Black; Lord krishna; Dark-skinned; One of many names of lord krishna Boy Hindu
Frany From france; A variant of name franny; Joyful; Free one Boy -
Rameshwar Lord shiva; Name of lord shiva Boy -
Hemachandra Bright and radiant gold like moon; Golden moon Boy -
Samiksha Indian name meaning analysis; A review; Analysis; Nalysis; Close inspection; Overview Girl -
Aradhana Devoted effort; Arati; Worship; A pure being who is directed towards god; Prayer; Pooja Girl -
Lilavati Goddess durga; Playful person, name of goddess durga; Leena; Gods will Girl Judaism
Jagjeevan All the life that is; Worldly life Boy Hindu
Anupam Unique/uncomparable; Exclusive; Incomparable; Unique; Without comparison Boy Hindu
Unnat Energized; Progress or development Boy Hindu
Diza They bring happiness; A joyous individual; Joyous Girl -
Marsh From the marsh or swamp; Marshal; Servant; Horse-keeper; Steward; Horse; From the marsh Boy -
Tulsidas A famous saint Boy Hindu
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